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Cling Film

Our cling wrap is made from qualified PE or PVC, manufactured in advanced equipment. It is the ideal non-toxic and microwave-safe cling film for keeping your food fresh, and clings tight to seal in moisture and freshness and simply the perfect complement in supermarket to store and protect your food.

Product Feature:

1. Non-toxic, applicable to all kinds of food wrapping.
2. Glossy and clear.
3. Excellent moisture retention.
4. Fog-repellent and able to break up water drops.
5. Cold-resistant and keeping soft even under refrigeration.
6. Food grade FDA and SGS certificated
7. Standard export packing


Length: 20m to 1500m
Width: 200mm to 500mm
Thickness: 0.009mm to 0.020mm.

Cling Film can use various package with customer’s design and logo, such as color box, Shrinking wrap, etc..

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