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Waxed Paper

Our waxed paper for food is made from 100% virgin wood pulp, double side wax coated. Makes food preparation easier by minimizing clean up. Shred cheese, peel vegetables or grate lemon peel on wax paper to pick up every shred. Keep counter tops clean with wax paper when breading chicken or fish or use it to catch sprinkles when decorating cookies and cupcakes. Cover foods in the microwave to prevent splatters and keep the microwave clean.

Product Feature:

1.) Professional quality control system
2.) Food grade FDA and SGS certificated
3.) Waxed packing paper is used to prevent water, oil and dirty dust
4.) Wrapping of meat, fruit, vegitable to hold fresh and prevent bad smelling
5.) Colours cold printability
6.) Industrial grade also available OEM
7.) Standard export packing


Length: can be customized
Width: 250mm to 600mm
Substance: 28gsm to 80gsm

Wax paper can use various package with customer’s design and logo, such as color box, Shrinking wrap, etc..

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