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Vacuum Fresh Bag

1. Material: PE&PA
2. Reusable for 30-50 times
3. Non-toxic, Eco-friendly
4. Save space, save money
5. Avoid freezer burn & taint of odor
6. Microwave & freezer available
7. keep food fresh
8. LFGB, FDA & EU 10/2011 approval


Size: 22*21cm, Vol: 1300ML
Size: 26*28cm, Vol: 3000ML
Size: 22*34cm, Vol: 3300ML
Size: 26*34cm, Vol: 4000ML
Size: 30*34cm, Vol: 6000ML

Handheld vacuum sealer:

Handheld vacuum sealer with adapter, stop automatically when the air is removed.
Powered by 6 × AA battery or adapter(not rechargeable),
Unit size: 22*6*8.3cm,
Material: ABS, prolongs the freshness of food and protects from freezer burn
CE, ROHS, REACH, PAHS approval

Hand pump:

Size: 16.8*5*3.5cm,
Material: ABS,

so smart and easy to use, prolongs the freshness of food and protect from freezer burn.

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