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Silicone Kitchenware (263)
 Can pass LFGB & FDA cetification.
 Safe for dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer.
 Unbreakable easy to keep its shape.
 Nontoxic and tasteless,eco-friendly.
 Withstand -40~+230 degree temperature.
 Logo can be embossed/debossed/printing.
 Non-stick finish, easy for release.
 Customized orders available.
Carbon Steel Bakeware (60)
Can pass LFGB & FDA cetification.
High performance ceramic coating,
 environmental friendly, healthy, easy for cleaning,
Hand wash with mild detergent.
Works well on all heat sources,
including induction and oven safe.
 Customized orders available.
Aluminium Foil Container (120)
Can pass LFGB & FDA cetification.
High-temperature sterilization.
Made of advanced pollution-free aluminum.
Shape: round, rectangle, square, ellipse, cordate, etc.
Environmental protection, recoverable and recyclable.
Used for storing, packing, grilling/ baking, 
forming heating and freezing.
Customized orders available.
Household Aluminium Foil
Can pass LFGB & FDA cetification.
High temperature, remain food nutrition.
Can stay wrapped around food items, 
without needing further sealing.
 No detectable taste or odor to food.
Annealing, and does not harbour or 
support the growth of bacteria.
 Non-absorbent and proof against grease, oil, 
water and other liquids.
Pop Up Foilsheets
Can pass LFGB & FDA cetification.
Used for kitchen food packing.
Embossing and printing is available.
Pre-cut, no cutting necessary,easy use.
Convenient single sheet POP-UP dispensing.
Keep the colour, flavor,fresh of the food.
Resist leaks, corrosion and high temperature.
Environmentally friendly, recycled easily.
All sizes can be customize according to customers’ need
Vacuum Fresh Bag
Material: PE&PA
Reusable for 30-50 times 
 Non-toxic, Eco-friendly
Save space, save money
Avoid freezer burn & taint of odor
Microwave & freezer available
 keep food fresh
LFGB, FDA & EU 10/2011 approval
Baking Paper
Can pass LFGB & FDA cetification.
Material: 100% virgin wood pulp
 Waterproof and greaseproof
 High heat resistant
Silicone coated
Substance: 30gsm-60gsm
Waxed Paper
Food grade FDA and SGS certificated
 Waxed packing paper is used to prevent water, 
oil and dirty dust
Wrapping of meat, fruit, vegitable to hold fresh and
 prevent bad smelling
 Colours cold printability
Substance: 28gsm to 80gsm
Cling Film
Can pass LFGB & FDA cetification.
Non-toxic, applicable to all kinds of food wrapping.
Glossy and clear.
 Excellent moisture retention.
Fog-repellent and able to break up water drops.
 Cold-resistant and keeping soft even under refrigeration.
Thickness: 0.009mm to 0.020mm.
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